Creating a novel is like taking a journey without an itinerary.  One never knows where it is going to take you.  One never knows whom they will meet along the way.


NowAvailableswarmcoverWith Which The Waters Swarm is an exciting adventure tale about a herd of North Pacific Fur Seals who face extinction at a time when all international conservation agreements have been ignored. During their Great Migration Journey, this sad mix of seals must learn techniques for fighting back against the “Two-Legs” as they call men. Let the battle begin!  –MORE

Audience: Middle Grade/Young Adult/Adult



Oosig-cover-for-websiteNowAvailableThe Ages of Oosig is a wondrous fantasy of a boy growing up on the beautiful and remote Pacific Islands of Micronesia. It describes the hardships he faces, the adventures he shares, and the love he fights for. –MORE

Audience: Middle Grade/Young Adults/Adult




Coming Soon!

• In Chickamin Bay, Jack Richards returns to his hometown to move his father into an Alzheimer’s center. Memories of a childhood filled with humor, tragedy, and adventure growing up in this small fishing village flow back to him. Characters like “Yellow Man,” “Stalin,” and the giant dowser, Frank Greene, come alive again, as do the dangers of commercial salmon fishing, the ruggedness and isolation of the Oregon coast, and surprising revelations about Jack’s father, owner of the local tavern, within the close-knit community of Chickamin Bay.

Audience: Adult

Coming Soon!

• In the tradition of Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegone and John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, the collection of short stories in Lefty’s Tavernacle features the interplay of quirky characters in a small town. At the heart of the Pacific Coast fishing village of Chickamin Bay, and each story, is Lefty’s Tavern, which doubles as the town church on Sunday mornings. The residents of the rugged coastal community are a rough-living, hard-drinking bunch, composed of fishermen and loggers, Indians, and Dust Bowl emigrants, who spend each day fighting for their livelihood, lifestyle, families, and town.

Audience: Adult


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