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Another Novel from A Local Massachusetts Author!

I’m pleased to offer readers my second adventure novel, The Ages of Oosig. Loosely based on my personal experiences spending two years traveling to many of the isolated islands of Micronesia in the Pacific, the book follows the life of a young islander from the time he is a youth until he becomes a courageous warrior. The Ages of Oosig is filled with adventure, pathos, determination, and love, and highlights the power of the ocean and the beauty of the Pacific islands and coral atolls.

Whether battling a shark, rescuing his cousin in a hurricane, or attempting to carve the perfect piece of stone money high on a precarious cliff ledge, Oosig demonstrates the traits that will cast him as a legend.

The Ages of Oosig is a quick read for middle schoolers, young adults, and adults. Here’s what reviewers have said:

“Your use of native words and customs made the story very realistic.”
“All in all, a great read!”
“I really found it exciting!”

Whether for a gift or your own reading pleasure, you’ll find both the print version and e-book available on Amazon.com right now.

Print: $9.99 • E-Book: $2.99 • Kindle Unlimited: Read free


About the Author

Raised on the Oregon coast, I’ve now lived on the southern Massachusetts coast for many years. Being fortunate to travel to many islands, spend summers working on a commercial salmon fishing boat, and grow up in a fishing village, I find that my respect for the ocean and its strength and allure shows up as a constant theme in my writing. I hope my work gives you those same emotions.



Can a Novel Be for Both Kids and Adults?

The Boston Globe recently had an article discussing how the separation of novels into age groups has blurred in current fiction. Young people are becoming more sophisticated and busy adults are enjoying works that are quick reads. Those who have reviewed The Ages of Oosig, as well as my previous novel, With Which the Waters Swarm, seem to agree. I had one reader say that she read Swarm to her nine-year-old grandson and she didn’t know which of them enjoyed it more.


How Do You Give an E-book as a Gift?

Do you have a child, other relative, or friend you’d like to give one of my novels to as an E-book (just $2.99), but aren’t sure how to do that? Go to Amazon.com and do a search for The Ages of Oosig or With Which the Waters Swarm. Under the Buy Now button, you’ll see something that says Buy for Others. Click on that and you’ll be able to put in the recipient information and schedule delivery for up to a year from now. Does your child, grandchild, parent, or spouse have a birthday coming up? Is someone in the family participating in a summer reading program? Give e-book gifting a try!


Have You Read My First Novel?

With Which the Waters Swarm was published last November. This tale of a herd of seals threatened by over-hunting builds in suspense as the seals return to their island after their Great Migration. Will the sealhunters wipe out the Gathering? Did the seals learn anything on their Journey that will help them cope? Sorry, you’ll have to read With Which the Waters Swarm to find out.


Print: $9.99 • E-Book: $2.99 • Kindle Unlimited: Read free


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