With Which the Waters Swarm

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Most of the protector bulls in the herd of North Pacific fur seals have been slaughtered by shiploads of sealers desperate to earn enough money to feed their families during a worldwide economic recession. All international treaty limits are being ignored. It remains for a scraggly handful of seemingly helpless cows and a few useless bulls to take on the responsibility of survival, perhaps of their entire culture. Shine, The Fat One, Push&Shove, Irish, Grace, and the others must return from their migration with a burning remembrance of their plight and with a plan to conquer the returning sealers, who are nearly as desperate as they are.

During adventures encountered on their Long Journey, the seals seek the aid of other creatures of the sea, including their mortal enemies, the Toe-Steppers and Snow-Furs. Led by a special seal named Shine, the herd, along with whales, octopuses, puffins, dolphins, and other seal colonies, collides with the humans in an epic battle for survival.

This is a morality tale that, like Charlotte’s Web and Watership Down, challenges us to ponder how we would respond to a threat against our own existence.

This novel is suitable for all audiences: Middle Grade/ Young Adult/ Adult


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