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The Stories My Family & Friends Have Been Waiting For!

Finally! Lefty’s Tavernacle is here! This collection of funny, heart-rending, tragic, and life-lesson tales about a group of colorful misfits in a small fishing village in the Pacific Northwest brings to life a raucous period in the freewheeling 1950s and ’60s on the Oregon coast.

The 20 stories in Lefty’s Tavernacle are centered around Lefty’s Tavern, the only drinking establishment in the isolated village of Chickamin Bay. Every Sunday morning, Lefty’s booths become pews, its bar stools become balcony seats, and the jukebox music switches from country-western to praise-the-lord hymns. Yes, the tavern is miraculously transformed into the gathering place of Bible-thumping church-goers led by Reverend Wright Turkington. But all is not well. In the words of fiery little Annie Pritchard, “The sooner we can get out of this den of iniquity, the better.” Will a hurricane and crashed ship give them the lumber needed to build Reverend Turkington’s “dream” church? Or will battles between fishermen and bikers, the ridiculous actions of two town drunks, or the desire of the Arago Indians to have a longhouse scuttle their plans?

Here’s what early reviewers have said.

What a time this must have been. I wish I could have been there.”

There are more colorful characters here than in

Steinbeck’s Cannery Row and Keillor’s Lake Wobegon combined.”

“Did any of this really happen?.”

Whether as a gift or for your own reading pleasure, you’ll find both the print version and e-book available on right now.

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From the Author

Lefty’s Tavernacle is a book I’ve been working on eagerly for the past two years. It’s allowed me to reminisce and research my own background from the time I was in the first grade.

I grew up in a fishing village similar to Chickamin Bay. My dad owned the only tavern in town, and we lived in the back of it for a number of years. People always seem to have enjoyed the stories I told about my upbringing in this isolated little town of 500. So I put all of my memories into a huge shrimp boiling pot, stirred them up, and spit out a fictional rendition that hopefully gives some life to what it was like growing up among fishermen and loggers who fought hard every day to earn a living. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world!



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My Next Book

COMING SOON! Chickamin Bay involves many of the same colorful characters and has the same setting as Lefty’s Tavernacle. It is told from the viewpoint of Jack Richards, who returned to Chickamin Bay to help his father, Lefty, move into an Alzheimer’s Care Unit. While Jack is home, memories haunt him of his up and down childhood with his father, as well as adventures he had in the sand dunes, on the ocean, and in the village itself. Filled with humor, pathos, and serious messages, Chickamin Bay deals with the heartache and euphoria of a man conflicted over his relationship with his father.


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