Novel Summaries

In addition to the novels immediately below, I currently have one other novel and a collection of short stories that are just about ready for you.

NowAvailableAmazonlogoWith Which The Waters Swarm is an exciting adventure tale about a herd of North Pacific Fur Seals who face extinction at a time during which all international conservation agreements have been ignored.  During their Great Migration Journey, this sad mix of seals must learn techniques for fighting back against the “Two-Legs” as they call men. Can they count on the puffins, octopuses, porpoises, whales, and other sea creatures they encounter during their migration to help them? Let the battle begin! [CLICK FOR MORE INFO]

Audience: Middle Grade/Young Adults/Adult

AmazonlogoThe Ages of Oosig is a wondrous story of a boy growing up on Pacific Islands.  It describes the hardships he faces, the adventures he shares, and the love he fights for.

Audience: Middle Grade/Young Adults/Adult


* In Chickamin Bay, Jack Richards comes home to help his father, Lefty, move into an Alzheimer’s Center.  During his stay, everything he sees reminds him of adventures he had as a kid and also of the sweet/bitter relationship he had with his father.

Audience: Adult


* Lefty’s Tavernacle in the fishing village of Chickamin Bay on the Oregon Coast is a place where the residents live hard, often deadly lives, yet maintain a tight bond that few other communities can claim.  Fishermen, loggers, Indians, and drunks (some villagers fit more than one of these categories) share their favorite drinking establishment with Sunday church worshippers.  Something has to give in this collection of short stories that is rowdy, funny, heartwarming, and poignant.

Audience: Adult



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