Hermit Crabs and Bottle Caps

A few months ago I saw a video about hermit crabs of various sizes lining up in order of size to switch shells.  Those that outgrew their shells would move out and the next in line would take that shell.  Only the largest hermit crab had to find a new shell.  Ingenious.

hermit_crab8.jpg__1264x568_q85_crop_subsampling-2In another example of their ingenuity, some hermit crabs are using plastic bottle caps for their homes (see photo from trueactivist.com).  Now I thought this was just their being clever, but a couple of points stick out.  First of all, many are doing this because sea shells can become too flimsy due to pollution.  Second, there is so much darned plastic in the ocean, it is sometimes easier for a hermit crab to find a sturdy bottle cap than a proper shell.

That makes me sick.  How about you?

Please, please think twice before you discard any garbage, especially plastic, into anything but a proper receptacle. You can say that large manufacturer and car companies are ruining our environment. But remember that when it is you who are contributing to pollution.

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