No more Greeting Cods?

Atlantic-CodAccording to, among the Top Ten endangered species due to climate change is one very familiar to folks from Massachusetts–the Atlantic Cod. My last post focused on the Pacific Salmon so from sea to shining sea the most popular fish on both coasts are being threatened.

To be fair, with the cod (Gadus Morhua), It is not just environmental issues that are the problem.  Cod has been overfished for a long time, although stricter limits have partially reduced that concern. What is it about global warming that is having such an impact on the Atlantic Cod?  The thinking is that the warming waters decrease the amount of zooplankton, which are critical to the growth of young cod. Plus, the higher temperatures force the fish, especially younger ones, into deeper waters they are not familiar with and where new predators exist.

It will continue to be a downhill spiral until we take more action. I hope this blog helps.  Let me know what you are doing.

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