Bark, Rover, Bark

I’ll bet, like me, you’ve stood listening to seals or sea lions point their snouts into the air and let out a series of barks.  Perhaps you’ve witnessed an entire herd or them racing frantically around creating a cacophony of sound.  They almost seem frantic to deliver a message.

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There is a spot on the Oregon Coast called Simpson’s Reef where hundreds of seals, sea lions, and other pinnipeds stop to rest while on their migration journey.  If you roll down your car window as you approach, you can hear the barking.  Seeing and hearing them is an awesome experience.

I decided to come up with a story that gives my explanation as to why they do this.  You may or may not agree with me, but, hey, that’s why they call it “fiction.”  I hope you’ll read my first novel, With Which the Waters Swarm, then let me know what you think.  With Which the Waters Swarm is an easy read, for middle-grade readers as well as young adults and adults.

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