Fine, Furry Fellows with Flippers

What if the North Pacific Fur Seal Convention of 1911 never existed?  Or if people ignored it? That’s the premise behind my novel With Which The Waters Swarm.  When a world-wide recession hits, all bets are off with seal-hunting crews.  One band of fur seals, realizing it could be wiped out, vows to have experiences on their next Long Journey that will help them fight the sealers when they return.  They enlist the aid of whales, puffins, octopuses, porpoises, even a Dachshund and Great Dane along the way.  If you have ever wondered why seals bark so frantically, With Which The Waters Swarm gives one possible explanation.

Over the generations, world leaders have established limits and safety measures to ensure that we have steady supplies of everything from crops to lumber, from seals to elephants.  These laws do not always work well but they are in place and do help.  There is, of course, one conservation measure we can’t seem to agree on and it is the most important of all, because if agreement isn’t reached soon, all the others become invalid.

So why do we insist on not taking the bull by the horns and doing something about global warming?  I don’t have an answer, do you?

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