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Something’s Really Fishy Here

imagesIn my upcoming novel, Chickamin Bay, I write about trying to catch a sunfish with a salmon net.  Doesn’t work.  And if you want to know why that’s not a good idea, check out this one that washed up on an Australian beach.  They claim it weighs as much as a car.  Looks like it was carved from wood and that the sculptor got too tired to finish the back end.

The first one I saw was when I was salmon fishing with my dad. I thought it was a shark because all you could see was that fin waving back and forth in the water.

When you see something like this, it makes you wonder why we are bothering to go into outer space.  Seems like there is a lot of inner space that is unexplored.  I remember swimming over a reef in the Mariana Islands of the Pacific and suddenly it dropped off into darkness.  I was almost frightened to swim any farther for fear that I would fall into the abyss.  I thought about how a young eagle feels the first time he flies out of the nest high on a steep cliff. Looking down, I could see larger and larger fish the deeper I peered. I turned around and swam back to shore. {reference: my novel, The Ages of Oosig)

Perhaps Jules Verne wasn’t writing fiction.Still0828_00022_1535467964206_5977353_ver1.0_640_360