I’m Dreamin’ My Life Away

When starting to write this blog, I thought of the old Everly Brothers hit, “All I Have to Do Is Dream.” in which there is a line that says, “I’m Dreamin’ My Life Away.”

I can’t remember the name of the first creative writing instructor I had in college, but I can remember how he got me to consider writing a novel.  We had just completed an assignment of writing our first short story.  Mine was about a boy growing up on a Pacific Island and his adventure at taking his father’s fishing bird out in the lagoon of the coral atoll.  Instead of fish for dinner, he catches and kills a shark with just a knife.  I assume I must have done a good job with it, because, after reading it and the others in classes, the teacher caught me after class and asked, “Do you have any more of these stories?”

I was caught by surprise, but with little thought I replied, “Sure.”  Having spent two years in the Navy flying down to small islands in the Pacific, I figured I could come up with more.  “I suggest you write them, then,” he said.  So I did.  I wrote a couple more for that class and then, after graduation and getting a real job, I wrote every day on the 45-minute bus commute into and out of Boston.  The result was The Ages of Oosig, my first novel, which to this day I am still working on publishing.  And then I wrote another novel.  And then I started on a third.

My intent here is not to brag that I accomplished this feat since all of them are unpublished at this loin.  But I wanted to reflect on the fact that, while writing that first story, I was in college as an Electronic Engineering major, a career that I achieve only tangentially as a marketing writer for a high-tech company.  I was taking the writing course as a diversion from the complexity of engineering studies.  Those few words from a professor gave me a dream that I have carried with me ever since.  Now that I am retired, I can work harder at making that dream a reality.

I wonder if you have similar dreams of a future unfulfilled? Is that so terrible?

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